• Now you can invest in Mutual fund / SIP through our Bank and earn better retuns on your investment.|We have decided to waive off various service charges for Current Accounts maintaining average monthly balance of Rs.3 lakh and above.We have launched Mobile Banking Application for facilitating fund transfer through Mobile. Please click the link for downloading the Application and then visit our nearest branch with Mobile registered in your account for further procedure. |As per RBI guidelines All deposits up to 1 lakh are secured . The DICGC Premium has been paid up to 31st march 2019.Stamp Franking facilities available in all our branches.Swipe machine available for all our current account holder.

w.e.f (01.01.2019)

Deposit Type Interest Rate Senior Citizen Rate
From 46 days to 6 Month 5% 5%
From 7 Months to 12 Months 6% 6%
From 13 Months to 36 Months 7.5% ( Cumulative) 8.0% ( Cumulative)
From 37 Months to 59 Months 7.00%(cumulative) 7.5%( Cumulative)